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Mission and Vision

SCHS Mission

South Caldwell High School will empower students with the skills necessary to become responsible citizens who achieve academic, social and professional success.

SCHS Vision

South Caldwell High School will create a learning community where there is success for all, preparation for tomorrow, and learning for a lifetime.

SCHS Belief Statements

students will be empowered to learn, achieve, and succeed.

  • All students learn best when they are appropriately challenged and actively engaged in the learning process through activities that take into account different learning styles.
  • All students can increase their understanding of cultural diversity through the study of different people and cultures.
  • All students' self-esteem can be enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect between and among students and staff.
  • All students can learn to make appropriate decisions given a safe, supportive, and comfortable learning environment.
  • All students learn best when teachers, administrators, parents, students, and the community share the responsibility for the support of the school's mission.
  • All students are unique and valued individuals who should be treated impartially.
  • All students will be encouraged to develop into life-long learners who exhibit positive character traits and accept responsibility for their own decisions.