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By Laws


Section 1. These bylaws are consistent with the NAHS constitution and are specific to the South Caldwell High School’s chapter of the National Art Honor Society.

Section 2. To remain a member in good standing, a member must pay dues and complete 12 service hours in the visual arts each year - 6 per semester. Group service opportunities may be presented and will be announced as offered.

Section 3. Annual dues of $20 will be collected from each member. Dues cover your registration for NAHS and a club shirt.

Section 4. Attendance is required at meetings to maintain membership and privileges.  Minimum meeting requirements are set and announced at the beginning of each school year.

Section 5. All members must participate in NAHS projects, activities, and fundraisers. Members will earn activity points for participation. Each member is required to earn 5 activity points per semester. Group participation opportunities will be announced as offered throughout the year.

Section 6. For the NAHS officers, attendance is also required at any executive meetings called outside of the regularly scheduled meetings.

Section 7. To graduate with NAHS honors and earn the right to wear a cord at graduation, a member must remain in good standing until the graduation date. 

Section 8. Members must retain a B or higher average in art classes as required by the National Constitution

Section 9. Members must have and maintain a 2.5 GPA cumulative average in all other subjects. 

Section 10. Members may remain active even when there are no visual arts on their class schedules, as long as they fulfill all of the other requirements each year.

Section 11. In the event of an infraction of rules, a review by the sponsors (and administration of the school when necessary) will be conducted. If the individual in question is an officer, he/she will not participate in the decision-making process. This applies to all community laws as well as school and chapter rules.

Section 12. Members who lose their good standing status do not need to reapply. They may return to member status the following school year by fulfilling all requirements for that school year.